Fahd A. Reyaz, the founding member of Fahd Reyaz, PLLC, represents subcontractors in claims against general contractors and surety companies. Fahd also advises clients on contract formation to reduce their liabilities and in construction-related disputes, including compliance with laws and regulations such as NYC's Labor Law and OSHA. In addition, Fahd also works with individuals on immigration issues. 

Mr Reyaz graduated from New York University Law School in 2013 with a J.D. He traveled to Papua New Guinea with NYU Law's Global Justice Clinic to document the positive and negative effects to communities by mining companies. Fahd and other members of the Global Justice Clinic used his videos to prepare a documentary for communities in Haiti facing decisions on whether to allow mining in their towns. In addition, Fahd served on the board of the Prisoners' Rights Education Program and taught prisoners basic legal education at various NYS prisons. 

Prior to attending law school, Fahd worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bayankhongor Mongolia on community economic development programs including helping local businesses create new products to diversify their income sources. In an earlier life, Mr Reyaz graduated from New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business in 2006 with a B.Sc. in Economics and Finance.

Mr Reyaz is admitted to practice in New York State.